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Power Up Your Future in One of Kettering’s 电气与计算机工程 Degree Programs





From smartphones and innovative electric cars to intricate 医疗设备 and alternate energy systems, electrical and computer engineering are the industries driving today’s technological discoveries. Join the ranks of today’s most successful engineers through 正规的赌博app’s Department of 电气与计算机工程.

在凯特林,我们知道今天的学生是明天的创新者. That’s why we offer electrical and computer engineering majors and minors myriad opportunities to use and experiment with leading-edge technology in top-notch research labs, 无论你选择电气或计算机工程学位课程.

From ABET-accredited bachelor’s degrees to electrical engineering master’s degrees and beyond, Kettering's Department of 电气与计算机工程 offers small class sizes, hands-on learning opportunities and co-op programs that will help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to stand out from your peers after graduation.

凯特林的边做边学的方法来磨练有价值的技能, combined with our rigorous coursework in electrical and computer engineering will help you land an exciting and challenging career in one of a plethora of fields just after graduation.



不管你对哪个学位项目感兴趣, from our computer engineering bachelor’s to our electrical engineering master’s degree programs, you’ll find the program the fits your needs through our Department of 电气与计算机工程.


作为正规的赌博app电气工程专业的学生, 您将学习并获得电子控制系统开发的技能, 信号处理, 电能转换, sensors, 执行器等. 无论你选择学士学位还是电气工程硕士学位, Kettering will help prepare you for a successful career developing and working with electric vehicle propulsion, 可替代能源, 机器人控制, 医疗设备, 雷达和导航等等.


At Kettering, our computer engineering majors gain numerous skills and hands-on experience in embedded systems development, 物联网, 人工智能应用, C, C++, Java编程语言等等. 不管你选择哪个计算机工程学位课程, 你将体验智能手机的嵌入式计算系统, GPS导航系统, 自动驾驶汽车等等.

学位和课程 Degree type
Bachelor 浓度 Minor Master 网络的主人 Certificate 在线证书
Bachelor Master 网络的主人
Bachelor 浓度 Minor Master 网络的主人 Certificate 在线证书
Bachelor Minor Master
Bachelor 浓度 Minor Master 网络的主人 Certificate 在线证书
Bachelor 浓度 Minor Master 网络的主人 Certificate 在线证书
Bachelor Minor Master
Bachelor 浓度 Minor Master 网络的主人 Certificate 在线证书
Bachelor Master
Bachelor 浓度 Minor Master 网络的主人 Certificate 在线证书
Master 网络的主人
Bachelor 浓度 Minor Master 网络的主人 Certificate 在线证书
浓度 Minor
Bachelor 浓度 Minor Master 网络的主人 Certificate 在线证书
Bachelor 浓度 Minor Master 网络的主人 Certificate 在线证书


There’s more to electrical and computer engineering than simply learning about circuits, 电子及电机. 通过正规的赌博app的电气和计算机工程系, 你将有足够的动手学习设计的机会, build, 测试并使用它们, too. 

From our exciting and challenging curriculum to our experiential learning opportunities, you’ll find that the electrical and computer engineering degree programs at Kettering are unrivaled. 在正规的赌博app主修计算机工程或电子工程, 你将准备加入一个由成功工程师组成的网络.

At Kettering, not only will you be attending a highly respected institution with a long history of preparing brilliant engineers, 但是我们还有很多其他的福利可以提供给你, too.


当你获得电子或计算机工程学位时, 你将获得真实世界, on-the-job experience you can add to your resume by alternating classroom work with hands-on experiences in the field. 你将和我们420位凯特林雇主合作伙伴中的一位一起工作, 包括特斯拉, 通用汽车和微软.


无论你攻读哪个电子和计算机工程学位, we have active student groups to help you network and collaborate with future engineers like you. At Kettering, electrical engineering majors and computer engineering majors alike belong to student chapters of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the 电气与计算机工程 honor society, Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN), 还有我们的学生电动卡丁车组, EV-Kartz, and others.


From 你来学校的第一周, you’ll test and grow your skills in our cutting-edge labs that focus on mobility, 电力电子与触觉. 作为一个电气工程专业的学生, 你将学习和使用电路, 电子及电机. 作为一个计算机工程专业的学生, 你会有专注于数字系统的实验室, 微型计算机和计算机网络.


At Kettering, our 高压实验室 provides space for students and faculty to conduct research in dielectric materials in different physical states.

先进的机器 & 电力电子设计实验室

At Kettering, our Advanced Power Electronics Laboratory (AMPED) focuses on the development and testing of electrical machines and power-electronic circuit system prototypes.


Our Research in Engineering and Collaborative Haptics (REACH) Lab focuses on autonomous systems, 机器人/触觉和人机交互.


作为一个计算机工程专业的学生, 电气工程专业或研究生, 你的指导员致力于帮助你获得实践训练, 获得成功职业所需的技能和知识.

Whether you’re pursuing a computer or electrical engineering master’s or bachelor’s degree, you’ll join an electrical and computer engineering program with small class sizes taught by expert faculty members. 你们的导师目前正在进行可再生能源系统的研究, mechatronics, 可穿戴电子产品, 嵌入式计算机系统, 能源储存及其他发明系统之材料及系统.

Our electrical and computer engineering faculty members have a wide variety of expertise, 包括触觉, 人为因素和物联网应用.


Electrical and computer engineering are at the core of so many of today’s necessities, 从智能手机, tablets and computers to renewable energy conversion systems relating to solar and wind energy.

让我们的工具更上一层楼, businesses and research institutions need highly skilled and resourceful engineers who’ve earned electrical or computer engineering degrees from top institutions like Kettering.

通过我们在凯特林的电气和计算机工程系, you’ll gain the credentials and proficiency you need to design the future through your classroom and hands-on work. 


正规的赌博app主修计算机或电气工程, 以下是一些你可以培养的技能:

  • Identify, formulate and solve complex engineering problems by applying principles of engineering, 科学与数学
  • Apply engineering design principles to find solutions that meet specified needs while considering factors such as public health, 安全和福利
  • 与广泛的受众进行有效的沟通
  • Recognize ethical and professional responsibilities in engineering situations and make informed judgments


在凯特林,帮助你资助你的教育对我们来说很重要. 无论你打算攻读电气或计算机工程学位, 你会发现很多融资选择, 包括通过我们的合作项目获得带薪工作经验, grants, 贷款及奖学金.

在你的奖学金和助学金选择中, students studying within the Department of 电气与计算机工程 may be eligible to receive the Patricia and Armen Oumedian Engineering Scholarship, 由大急流城社区基金会赞助.

才有资格得到这1美元,000 award, you must meet certain criteria: you must be a full-time student at Kettering or transferring here from Grand Rapids Community College; reside in West Michigan or work for a West Michigan 正规的赌博app co-op employer; demonstrate financial need; and hold a GPA of 3.0 or higher.


Prepare for a bright future in electrical and computer engineering and learn more about what Kettering’s electrical and computer engineering degree programs can do for you. 索取更多信息或立即申请.