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From biology and biochemistry to chemistry and physics, 你可以在正规的赌博app自然科学系探索这一切,更好地了解你周围的自然世界. Every engineering discipline literally builds upon a foundation established in knowledge of the natural world. 我们提供的必修课和选修课为先进的应用和最新的尖端技术奠定了基础.

Whether or not you choose to pursue a program in the natural sciences, at Kettering you’ll enjoy small class sizes, participate in our renowned co-op programs and more, 为你提供个性化的教育和宝贵的经验,让你在毕业后的就业市场中脱颖而出.

我们的自然科学系可以帮助你学习描述和理解支配物理和自然世界的规则. Through our course work, labs and hands-on learning experiences, 你会对世界有更深入的了解,你可以将其应用于任何职业领域.

Discover Nature’s Phenomena Through Our Natural Science Degree Programs

自然科学系可以帮助你获得成功所需的科学知识和技能, now and in the future. We offer an ABET-accredited program in Engineering Physics, minors in Acoustics and Physics, and a Pre-Med course of study. Should you choose to pursue another degree program, 我们系的课程将通过侧重于应用和综合专题的选修课程丰富您的教育. Topics include photonics, materials science, medical physics and ultrasound, acoustics and vibration, polymers, sensors, the science of color, and more.


Engineering Physics 

我们的工程物理课程是ABET认可的少数几个物理课程之一, a nonprofit, non-governmental organization that accredits university applied science, computing, engineering and engineering technology programs. As an Engineering Physics major at Kettering, 你将探索许多你在传统工程课程中找不到的主题. You’ll study optics, acoustics and materials related to fields such as nanotechnology, telecommunications, medical physics and devices and others.

Acoustics Minor

Are you intrigued by how things sound? Through our acoustics minor, 您将学习如何在学习振动的同时应用您对声音艺术和科学的兴趣, acoustics and signal processing. Sound quality metrics, modal analysis, and test & 测量技术是我们课程中常见的行业标准的例子.

Physics Minor

Do you appreciate the elegance and clarity found in theoretical physics? Are you curious about the most essential laws of the universe? 辅修物理课程将带你深入了解经典力学的基本原理, quantum mechanics, or thermodynamics and statistical physics, to explore the rules by which everything happens in the physical world. 

Pre-Med Course of Study

If you’re aiming to follow your Kettering degree program with medical school, this course of study will help prepare you.  再加上在我们的合作项目中作为抄写员沉浸在医疗保健行业, and peer mentoring in our Pre-Med club, the Pre-Med course of study includes all the essential courses in biochemistry, chemistry, biology, physics, math and more.

Degrees and Programs Degree type
Bachelor Concentration Minor Master Online Master Certificate Online Certificate
Applied Physics
Bachelor Concentration Minor Master Online Master Certificate Online Certificate
Bachelor's/Master's Degrees Pathway
Bachelor Concentration Minor Master Online Master Certificate Online Certificate
Bachelor Master Online Master
Pre-Med Course of Study
Bachelor Concentration Minor Master Online Master Certificate Online Certificate

About The Department Of Natural Sciences

If you’re the type that’s not satisfied with the usual off-the-shelf solution, 或者你喜欢打开“黑盒子”,看看还有什么未被发现的奇迹——或者你正在寻找没有人想到会发现的新问题, 更不用说解决问题了——自然科学系的课程可能正是你想要的. 

At Kettering, not only will you learn more about emerging technologies. 你还将培养对塑造我们现实的看不见的力量和过程的欣赏. 这是因为我们的自然科学系为你提供了各种各样的课程,这些课程是所有工程学位的基础, plus, 通过我们的工程物理学位课程和广泛的科学选修课程, 我们的课程拓宽了你的视野,你将能够带来你追求的应用.

Experiential learning opportunities are also woven throughout our courses. This means that whether you choose to become an engineering physics major, join our pre-med program, 或者通过选修课程扩展你的世界观,你将有宝贵的实践学习机会,这将帮助你立即应用你所学的知识.

At Kettering, you’ll also: 

Gain on-the-job experience through our unrivaled co-op model.

当你获得工程物理学位或完成我们相关的辅修课程时, 你可以在上课和与我们的企业合作伙伴一起实地工作之间进行交替, such as Ford Motor Company, Magna or Stryker, to name a few.

Practice your skills in cutting-edge labs.

As an Engineering Physics major at Kettering, or a student pursuing one of our related minors, 你将在学校的第一个星期应用你在我们一流的实验室学到的东西. 

Find faculty support and camaraderie with your peers through small class sizes.

无论你的研究领域在自然科学系内外, at Kettering, you’ll learn in classrooms with small class sizes. This will enrich your education with powerful, thoughtful discussions, important teamwork and one-on-one attention from your instructors.



Electricity and Magnetism Laboratory


Principles of Chemistry Lab




Elective Labs

Through our Department of Natural Sciences, 你会发现各种各样的实验室,这将帮助你发展你的技能,并给你更多的实践经验,与你最感兴趣的事情工作.

Newtonian Mechanics Laboratory

Explore and learn more about the inner workings of position, velocity, acceleration, force, momentum and energy.

Leading Natural Science Degree Programs With Renowned Faculty

Whether you join our pre-med program course of study, become an engineering physics major, pursue a natural science degree or anything in between, 你的导师致力于帮助你和你的同龄人在课堂上和工作场所取得成功.

Through our engineering and natural science degree programs, 您将向目前正在进行结构振动研究的教师学习, acoustic resonators, biochemistry, bioanalytical chemistry, optical waveguides, electrical conductivity, thermal energy storage and other important concepts.

No matter which natural science degree or minor program you choose, you’ll learn from instructors who are experts in their fields.

Student Life: Opportunities Abound For Engineering Physics Majors

No matter which natural science degree program or minor you pursue at Kettering, 你会找到许多导师,并有机会与志同道合的学生联系,帮助你充分利用你的教育和大学经历.

Here are just a few clubs that may interest you:

  • The Pre-Med Club: Interested in pursuing a pre-med program? 我们以学生为主导的医学预科俱乐部举办了一系列研讨会,邀请嘉宾演讲,以了解更多关于医学领域的知识, featuring alumni who have gone on to become physicians and physician assistants, admissions counselors from medical and physician assistant programs and more.
  • Physics Clubs: From cardboard boat regattas to astronomical viewing nights, our Physics Clubs’ mission is to help you develop your interest in physics, introduce you to related career fields, provide you with hands-on physics activities and more. 
  • Society of Physics Students and the Sigma Pi Sigma Honor Society: At Kettering, we have two local chapters of the national Society of Physics Students (SPS), as well as a local chapter of the national physics honor society, Sigma Pi Sigma. SPS的会员资格向任何对物理学感兴趣的人开放,如果你是物理或工程物理专业的学生,特别推荐你.

Financial Aid For Department Of Natural Science Programs

No matter the degree program you choose, Kettering is committed to helping you finance your education. 我们可以通过我们的合作项目、助学金、奖学金等帮助你了解更多关于带薪工作的信息. 

在凯特林,99%的学生可以获得助学金、贷款和/或勤工俭学的机会. Among other grants and scholarships, 当你在凯特林自然科学系攻读工程物理或类似课程的学位时, you may be eligible for: 


揭开自然世界的奥秘,并通过凯特林自然科学系将您的知识付诸行动. 向你的科学或物理事业迈出下一步,索取更多信息或立即申请.

Meet the Faculty