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Welcome to Horsepower to Hyperloops, Kettering University’s official podcast, where the Kettering community from around the globe connects and shares groundbreaking ideas, noteworthy advancements and the latest developments in mobility, technology, medicine and many other fields.

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John Suh

The Ultimate Mobility Vehicle

The Ultimate Mobility Vehicle – a car with legs developed to take anyone safely anywhere – is at the heart of this episode’s discussion with the UMV’s developer, John Suh, founding director of Hyundai’s New Horizon’s Studio. We were joined by Kettering President Dr. Robert K. McMahan to address various related topics like asking the right question and changing assumptions, that arise when engineering on the edge.

Hemanth Tadepalli

Cybersecurity, Autonomous Vehicles, and Fast Tracking Your Career with Hemanth Tadepalli

Hemanth Tadepalli is a 2023 graduate of Kettering University, where he won the Sobey Scholar Award and the President’s Medal, two of the school’s most prestigious honors. In the most recent Horsepower to Hyperloops episode, we discuss how an undergraduate Co-op program, like Kettering’s, can be a dramatic career jumpstart. We also talk about the critical role of cybersecurity in the coming age of autonomous vehicles. 

Drum Kit

Drumming Up a Career in Motown: Jeffrey Thennisch on the Musical Edge

Jeffrey Thennisch '90 started his career in corporate law, moved to intellectual property, helped the surviving spouse of a musician regain the royalties from her late husband's music, and now finds himself working on the cutting edge of new musical technologies.

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